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Day 50: back to the track- slopey cycling!

Back to the track this evening could mean only one thing: hard assed work, fast legs and slopey cycling!

A sandwich kinda day

it’s been a funny day. I set out with great hopes, but it didn’t all pan out as I expected.

Track fun and slippage!

There is never a dull moment when you are cycling on a velodrome in an open roll around session. You never know who will turn up from one week to the next. There are the usuals, but there are always new faces. 

Velodrome cycling: trying to be the queen of spin!

First visit to the ‘drome for a few weeks due to Christmas. Expected it to hurt, but hey, doesn’t all exercise?! You just never know what type of people come to the weekday sessions, beginners, intermediate or accomplished cyclist, or often all of the… Continue Reading “Velodrome cycling: trying to be the queen of spin!”

Southland Champs day 3: I survived!

Its tough switching sports. Its tough knowing that you stepped out of another sport at the top of your game and are back at the bottom amongst lots of people who have been doing this a lot longer than you. Its even harder when… Continue Reading “Southland Champs day 3: I survived!”

My velodrome debut!

So here it is, my track debut.The triathlon race wheels (respoked) and the TT helmet came in useful! I had the P2 on a turbo trainer, warning up when I was asked did I do triathlon?! Does a bike really give it away that… Continue Reading “My velodrome debut!”