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Club champs: Invercargill Rowing club

I wasn’t sure what to expect today, but I knew there were trophies at stake, and the works!

Singles rowing continues!

Ack! Well, I have managed to keep my 100% record! I still haven’t fallen in! I have to say that I feel a wee bit less likely to get wet after today’s session than I have up till now. I actually didn’t take quite… Continue Reading “Singles rowing continues!”

Beautiful morning row, practice, practice practice!

I was hoping for a singles outing today, the water was perfect. Sadly, numbers prevented it, I was needed in a quad. We started slow strokes, which is actually harder I think.

Grip tight and you might not fall in…

originally I was not going to go to the rowing club at all today, it was hammering down, and they don’t usually go out in a storm. When I got there, I would have not needed much of an excuse to go home and… Continue Reading “Grip tight and you might not fall in…”

Masters and Juniors regatta 2014

This is a regatta run by Rowing Southland, but our club hosts it. Masters and juniors means the girls in the senior category (over 18 to age 27 I think) are excluded from this. The junior section of our club has been going really… Continue Reading “Masters and Juniors regatta 2014”

First go at a single sculls and I didn’t fall in!

The start of autumn is probably not the best time to go out for your first time in a wibbly wobbly seriously unstable single sculls boat, but it is something I have always wanted to try, so I thought lets go, when I was… Continue Reading “First go at a single sculls and I didn’t fall in!”