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Bluff Regatta: 1st race of the season

I have to say, in true ‘first race of the season’ style, I felt very CBA about this regatta today. It was amusing to find out that I wasn’t the only one!

Come row with me, no really!

I have wanted to take a camera on the river with me for ages, almost since I started rowing. finally, I have a GoPro, it’s an early birthday present, so today, I can exclusively take you with me on the river for my morning… Continue Reading “Come row with me, no really!”

The technique of Rowing – sorry SCULLING!

Rowing is a bit like swimming: attention to detail is key and makes a massive difference to your speed and power.

A shock GOLD to end the season!

What a shock this was! I went back to work today after a few days off, unwell, and this was in my pigeon hole.

Cock eyed wrist rowing corrections!

Today was a beautiful day, so I was pleased to get another chance to get out onto the river before I return to work, and dark evening Erg sessions next week. 

Another indoor Erg – Ack!

I seriously thought today’s weather was good enough for actual rowing, was looking forwards after my sickness, to getting outside. When I arrived at the rowing club, they were all sitting round the table, procrastinating, so I knew this wasn’t going to go as… Continue Reading “Another indoor Erg – Ack!”