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Day 67: Masters and Juniors regatta 2015

Southland put on a stunner of a day for this race, beautiful warm sunshine very little wind. That always makes rowing much more pleasurable! 

Day 57: new master rowers on the river

New masters rowers is always good news, there hasn’t been anyone join since me, so it’s good no longer being the newbie! So many people gave their time and training up to teach me when I started that it was my pleasure to help… Continue Reading “Day 57: new master rowers on the river”

Day 34: Southland champs regatta

Eating back on track, mindset back on track, training back on track which is just as well, because today was race day: Southland Champs! People are also starting to comment so the loss must now be much more noticeable. 

Day 26: rowing, then oopsie

An action packed day of rowing, the role of tourist guide and some out of the ordinary eating habits!

Day 24: wobbling a novice down the river!

Another coaching first today: rowing coaching. We wobbled down the river, to the sounds of screams, I whipped my coaching voice out and everything! 

Day 18: me and buster on the river

Today was a beautiful sunny day. I took advantage of the stillness and went for a singles row up the river.