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Wording resolutions to guarantee success

No goal was ever achieved by committing in a half assed way. If you want to be sure you achieve your new years resolutions, you need to be committed to them 100%. Write them down in first person format. Make them time specific, and… Continue Reading “Wording resolutions to guarantee success”

Take the stairs to success

For most of us, things don’t just happen overnight. With as many blessings as you posess, you still have to work to make progress. This might not be an easy path to follow. More likely than not, you will not be able to take… Continue Reading “Take the stairs to success”

Get ‘out of your box’!

I see this quote in many guises, but I quite like how Picasso has put it. There was one in the gym I used to be a member of, asking if you expected different results from always doing the a same thing. I have… Continue Reading “Get ‘out of your box’!”

How you react is YOUR choice

How many times have you said things like ‘it made me feel’ or ‘I have to go and train..’ Or various similar quotes? Well, what if I was to tell you there is nothing you have to do, everything is your choice. 

Embrace change, don’t fear it

I have always said that failures don’t exist, just learning opportunities, but this quote takes it a step further. If we spend our lives fearing change, we are looking back at what was, or forwards at what might be, rather than what IS. 

The beauty you seek might be right beneath your feet

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We spend so much time moving the goal posts, looking forwards to what we would still like to achieve, that we forget to keep things in perspective.