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If you don’t get started, you can’t finish!

Another excellent variation on Carpe Diem. All too often people measure the,selves on something that has been and gone, someone else or something they don’t have control of. After postulating they then decide that it’s not practical after all, then give up. Have you… Continue Reading “If you don’t get started, you can’t finish!”

Day 83: Delete the words ‘I can’t’ IMMEDIATELY!

I saw this photo on my facebook feed and I just had to share it, it says so much about so many things. 

QUOTE: Options open? Or options closed?

I’ve had to do this a few times now, and it is a scary thing. Human nature is such that we like to keep our options open, keep all the doors ajar ‘just in case’. Sound familiar? Or, the opposite problem is to close… Continue Reading “QUOTE: Options open? Or options closed?”

Try telling me this isn’t a good day…

I am sure that you have heard the saying Carpe Diem? Well I love this slight variation on that. Imagine you didn’t have tomorrow. Imagine you couldn’t remember what happened last week?

Serenity prayer inspiration

This prayer speaks wise words – words that you do not have to be a church goer to appreciate and gain inspiration from. 

Anyone can, including you!

Say this an awful lot, your thoughts are your only limiter. All too often we don’t do the things that we want to do, because we don’t believe that we can. How do you know if you haven’t started?