Living in the NOW: guided meditation podcast

power-of-now-620x350I am still reading the Tolle book I mentioned last week, ‘The Power of Now’ and it have in fact purchased it now too, on my kindle. Tolle says that our minds are constantly making ‘incessant noise’ which is preventing us from finding our realm of inner stillness. Thinking is something that he calls a ‘disease that happens when things get out of balance’.

This is theĀ second blogĀ in a series exploring the ‘power of now’ and will include NLP techniques and podcasts to help get you started on your journey.

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The importance of now: finding inner peace

imageThere have been many people try and explain the workings of our mind. But there are many things that Tolle says I his book ‘The power of now’ that really do make sense, about how we think, structure our memories and beliefs and create our world around us.

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