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How NOT to use a rowing machine!

I was in the gym the other day, minding my own business and a woman was being coached by a personal trainer. He took her to the rowing machine as part of her workout and OMG I was horrified at how bad the technique… Continue Reading “How NOT to use a rowing machine!”

Indoors is simply NOT like the outdoors!

Whether it’s the rowing machine, treadmill or indoor bike, the statement is still the same: stationary isn’t the same as the real thing. I was always aware of the fact that running indoors wasn’t the same, you use different muscles. On a treadmill the… Continue Reading “Indoors is simply NOT like the outdoors!”

Indoor rowing, rowing club style! :-0

Rowing machine, something we all see in the gym, we have probably all used, but have you used one in a rowing club? That’s quite a different experience. 

Indoor rower workouts to kill

I had not considered indoor rowing (or an erg, as they call it here) as a tough training programme till I joined he rowing club. Man, I come way with tired legs! So, I went looking for a few brutal workouts to share.