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What’s The Secret to a Long and Healthy Life?

It’s exercise! When we think of the benefits of exercise a few common ones always spring to mind; fat loss, increased energy, and strength and muscle gains. But the benefits of regular exercise and physical activity reach much further than this, with life changing benefits extending… Continue Reading “What’s The Secret to a Long and Healthy Life?”

The real cost of inactivity

With bills to pay and a range of costs increasing, it’s not unexpected that we have to look at what we spend and limit where we spend it. When the budget comes under scrutiny it is often our recreation and exercise costs or memberships… Continue Reading “The real cost of inactivity”

Exercise training v calorie deficit diets: which is best to improve body weight & VAT fat?

Visceral adipose tissue (VAT) is the ‘bad fat’ around the internal organs and an identified culprit in cardio-metabolic diseases, hence an important target of exercise programmes and nutrition. Can exercise target VAT reduction? This article is based on a research review (See the link… Continue Reading “Exercise training v calorie deficit diets: which is best to improve body weight & VAT fat?”

Thanking my lucky stars: problems of the heart 

Having seen so many young fit high profile athletes (including recent news regarding Laurent Vidal) suffer heart attacks, it made my recent experience with the emergency department suddenly seem rather more serious than I gave it credit for. 

The relationship between Cholesterol and Heart Disease

  Apart from essential fatty acids, there is no specific requirement for fats in the body. Therefore, the average diet contains far too much fat, and this can cause problems. Cholesterol if carried around the body by lipoproteins. Too much of this in the… Continue Reading “The relationship between Cholesterol and Heart Disease”