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5 Foods you SHOULD eat

Food – how great is it? I love that we can fuel our bodies with fresh, whole foods that help us perform at our best. Here are five foods that you should try to eat regularly.

What’s new in the healthy eating pyramid?

Added sugar gets the flick and grains get promoted in the latest incarnation of Australia’s Healthy Eating Pyramid.Shivaun Conn investigates what else has changed.

Recipe: chunky sausage and tomato pasta 

We buy sausages occasionally, it’s important to not deny yourself anything if healthy eating is to work. Here’s a reasonably harmless recipe to jazz them up a bit. Simple but tasty. We just used a combination of pasta, what was left in the cupboard. 

Was Marilyn Monroe Fat? Is P!nk Fat? NO!!!

Size discrimination: are we encouraging anorexia in our media? I think so. Have a look at this video. Listen to what all the ladies in the video say.

Day 13: a cancelled race and an odd thought

Today’s food wasn’t as usual, just as I expected. And, sadly, my Big Ruby swim race was postponed due to high winds. Now it clashes with the tri, so I won’t be able to do it any more. That sucks, because I really wanted…

Day 9: leftover sufferfest turbo

Today was another busy work and admin day. But, I stuck to the plan, just like I said yesterday.