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What are antioxidants?

We talk about them all the time, but what does it all mean?  As the name implies, antioxidants are substances that are able to counteract the damaging, but normal effects of the physiological process of oxidisation in animal tissue. They are nutrients and proteins…

High energy on less calories?

This blog is in response to a recent query by a client who felt they were struggling with energy levels on their calories restricted nutrition plans. So, here are some ideas for those of you trying to lose weight and still exercise well. 

Are YOU what you eat? Is that a good thing?

I Love this quote. It sort of sums up today’s society: ‘there must be a pill for that’. We seem to think that quick fix is the only way forward, we haven’t time to do things properly. Well, sorry, to make changes stick it…

There are no short cuts to fitness!

Had to laugh when I saw this. I have had so many people ask me this question! 

What does your shopping trolley say about you?

I do find it quite interesting, sometimes amusing, what I see in the supermarket. I know, I should be focussing on my shopping, but have you ever thought about what your shopping trolley says about you?

The difference between added and natural sugars

Sugar is the most common ingredient used today when it comes to adding sweetness to a dish. But, this ingredient has gained bad reputation and it is also believed that it can be as addictive as alcohol. There are different types of sugar out…