Tag: Healthy Eating Friday

Healthy breakfast oatmeal ideas

 I always use jumbo oats in my breakfast if I have cereal, not milled, fill out nicely and keep you fuller for longer. They look like these, rolled oats are the flattened ones. Porridge can get boring so what other things can you add…

Recipe: super quick onion soup

This is a recipe I make again and again because it’s soooo simple and very tasty. You only really need 2 ingredients! I would have made a wee video like last time but by golly those onions made me cry and cry!

Recipe: Monkfish pasta bake 

I made this up the other day, because I had fish to use up and wanted to do something slightly different with it. All amounts are approximate because I didn’t actually measure anything at the time! It tasted really yum, so I’ve written it…

Recipe: chunky sausage and tomato pasta 

We buy sausages occasionally, it’s important to not deny yourself anything if healthy eating is to work. Here’s a reasonably harmless recipe to jazz them up a bit. Simple but tasty. We just used a combination of pasta, what was left in the cupboard. 

Recipe: Original hummus

I decided to try making Hummus this week. How simple!?! if you have a bullet style blender it’s super easy! (And healthy!) 

Recipe: pumpkin soup

I decided to leave the Kumara out and just make pumpkin soup, and delicious it was too.