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What flavour do you favour?

This month is the month of new year’s resolutions, gym memberships and fitness vows as we all try and undo the lasting effects of overeating over Christmas. I know what you are thinking. ‘I will get fit, I will go on a diet’, bla… Continue Reading “What flavour do you favour?”

Podium finish?

Today’s prompt was simple: what is the 11th thing on your bucket list? In my post a few days ago, when the prompt was about New Years resolutions, I made a bucket list then, as that is how I would determine whether things were… Continue Reading “Podium finish?”

One way to prevent thyroid failure

Initial smptoms I felt very tired, generally unwell, like, all the time. It was preventing me from training. I had a sore throat that lasted for weeks, and it was also affecting my voice. I became really concerned. Someone suggested thyroid, because I was… Continue Reading “One way to prevent thyroid failure”

Budgie smugglers, breast strokers and Loreal flicks

It’s been a hilarious week in the pool, and I have noticed things I have never noticed before, because I am usually too busy motoring up and down the fast lane, then dashing to work!