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Free Magazine: Optimum Health June edition

This issue is jam-packed with tips to live healthier ever after, including the inspiring intel from our face-to-face chat with Winter Olympian Torah Bright! In this month’s edition you’ll learn: 5 ways avocados can enhance your health When you should and shouldn’t exercise during illness… Continue Reading “Free Magazine: Optimum Health June edition”

Most popular health and fitness questions: answered

Today, inspired by the daily post, is thought I would answer some of the most popular questions I usually hear or get asked, in relation to training, fitness and nutrition. 

Ever regretted a training session?

Ever thought this? (Apart from those DOMS days!) Thought not. But there’s plenty of other things that we do instead with our spare time that we spend a lot of time regretting! Thought this was a great sign!

Sweet potato, leek & bacon pie

This is a recipe that I created myself, with the help of a combination of other recipes. It was based on what left overs I had in my cupboard. I made the pastry myself – a simple thing to do, let me know I… Continue Reading “Sweet potato, leek & bacon pie”

Do vitamins have proven health benefits?

Interesting article in the Daily Mail on this subject. A law change last December means health benefits  on supplements must have EU approval. But of more than 44,000 health claims submitted, just 248 have so far been authorised. So is the supplement market just … Continue Reading “Do vitamins have proven health benefits?”

The downfall of Dr Dukan

It was with interest that I read a recent article in the paper about Pierre Dukan, pioneer of the famous Dukan diet, that made him millions. In a recent French report, he has been labelled as deceitful and unethical.