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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

I have talked about this before, and sadly, due to misfortune, I am back blogging about it again. It’s ok, that’s life, and I will keep looking forwards knowing I can do this. Unexpectedly I had a call from BBC three counties radio.

Starting from scratch

That’s exactly how I felt today at the end of my run. I should have turned off the garmin because the stats just depressed me. When I got back in, my husband asked how it went. When I told him my words of wisdom… Continue Reading “Starting from scratch”

Head injury week 2: concussion assessment

 Its funny being subject to another head injury. Funny peculiar not haha!

Head injury: day 3

I didn’t go to work yesterday. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure about going today either. I keep waking up to find the room is spinning, its not nice being on your own involuntary roller coaster.

The morning after the head injury

Well, its over 24 hours since I came home from hospital, and I am pleased to report that it isn’t as bad as I had feared. Last time I was constantly violently dizzy and I couldn’t see straight. That went on for weeks.

Finding a voice: severe brain injury

I’m not one to get emotional when watching programmes on TV, I don’t cry at sad endings, I don’t usually scream at scary films, but this programme brought a few tears to my eyes to say the least.