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Wake up and live!

‘Pick a random word and do a google image search on it. Check out the 11th picture and write about whatever it brings to mind’. This was the 9th and my word was ‘happiness’. I tried ‘fun’ which was the first word to mind,… Continue Reading “Wake up and live!”

Fruit, smiles and salmon!

Today was day 1 of the new me. I aim to smile once every day, do something I enjoy once every day, and correctly balance nutrition and exercise. Just like I vowed I would.

The final happiness chapter: body fat re-balancing

I feel like my blog has come a full circle lately. I started blogging in 2007 because I had decided to get fit, and wanted to create myself an online log of my progress. In fact, that was the birth of a following and… Continue Reading “The final happiness chapter: body fat re-balancing”

Paint on the Happiness!

This last trio post of 2014 was actually quite simple for me today. Here in the photo trio we have Pharell Williams, my relocated bookcase and a cracked panel heater. Here’s how they go together.

Vlog: happiness and making uncertainty work

Possibly the last one this year, but I am looking back on the major change this last wee while, sustaining happiness, and making sure I continue to live for the now. See how I am getting on. 

Living life for the positives

A few months ago I decided to make a bold move. I quit my lifelong career of teaching and took a part time low paid job – freeing me up to qualify myself as a spots coach and personal trainer. It wasn’t an easy… Continue Reading “Living life for the positives”