#20 Why does exercise make you happier?

Why does exercise make you happier? Some might say it is because you get to punch people without going to jail, or because you get top eat more of that junk food than if you were not exercising, however here is a slightly more scientific reason to support the theory! Continue reading “#20 Why does exercise make you happier?”

A guide to getting what you want without wasting time, effort or money

Image result for lifes too F***ing short I went to the library for a wee while to kill time while in town on Saturday. I always go to the same section, perhaps pick up a poetry book or something, and still in the stillness for a while. But this book jumped out at me, and I ended up taking it home with me to read! It will take me more than one article to tell you about its wonders so I will do it in instalments. Today we talk about the beauty industry and how we always seem to structure our lives around misery and things that we hate. Continue reading “A guide to getting what you want without wasting time, effort or money”

Day 61: How life changes, hey?

HappyIt’s been a strange day. It was raining most of the morning, I struggled with what to do that was indoors based. Everything here is designed around the outdoors, all my pastimes are based on the outdoors. On reflection, anything computer based wasn’t even considered, the TV has been off all day, I read my book for a while already, oh how things change. I don’t remember having this ‘what to do’ issue when I lived in England. Continue reading “Day 61: How life changes, hey?”