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Adaptable Thursday: the execution of plan F!

Don’t you just love it when nothing quite goes to plan? Well that roughly sums up today for me! 

Make the time Monday: squeezing the gym in

Yesterday I posted a blog stating how I wanted to make a positive change in myself, and give me some more of ME.

DOMS Tuesday; how to cope…

I guess I should have expected it, erg rowing at a good steady pace followed by a swim the following morning. However, it’s not all bad. Monday was, let’s say, a challenging start to the week. Long day at work, missed the rowing club… Continue Reading “DOMS Tuesday; how to cope…”

Make the gym more effective in less time

The common misconception often is that it’s good to spend hours at the gym. Often less is more. Here’s some tips to get the best of your workout, in less time.