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Covid-19 – response from Ryding2Health

At Ryding2Health we have always taken cleanliness very seriously. You have to when you have a team of massage therapists who deal with many people per day at close range. We are very confident that it is still perfectly safe to continue to visit… Continue Reading “Covid-19 – response from Ryding2Health”

Day 28: gym bunny

It’s fair to say that today hasn’t gone exactly as I thought. Still, I had a good visit to the gym and feel much better for it. 

Strength = lean: why the gym is important

I see this mistake so much, spotted this picture and thought it illustrated it beautifully. When New Years resolutions are made, they often say ‘weight loss’, it’s how people talk when they say they are going on a ‘diet’. That’s not actually what we… Continue Reading “Strength = lean: why the gym is important”

Balancing the metabolism: gym gym gym

Snatching the time I have, and continuing my pledge to do exercise every day, I went to the gym for a 45 minutes today, to continue my effort to rebalance myself! The hazards of being a rower!

Baby steps are better than no steps!

I was talking to a friend recently, and we were talking about how recent life pressures had prevented us from doing the exercise that we usually do. It got me thinking. How best to use time?

Lift weights, get slim!

I was having this conversation the other day with someone, which prompted me to blog about this topic: I am sure I have already but that doesn’t matter. There seems to be a myth over strength training in the gym.