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Day 95: motivating them, and me!

It’s right – what they say about exercise: it’s a positive mind tonic. I started my day today in the best two ways possible: taking a group fitness class, motivating others to excell, followed by a turbo, motivating myself to go a step further.… Continue Reading “Day 95: motivating them, and me!”

Day 93: Motivational magical clients

What a lovely day it was today. I was going to go for a swim but I abandoned that idea at the sight of sunny skies  and decided to go for a ride instead. On the mountain bike. 🙂

Day 86: don’t limit others with your own beliefs

Always go a step further than you think is possible. Even if you are the trainer and not the client.  I took a boxing fitness. Lass this evening. One of the class was able to do the plank for a minute a time, over… Continue Reading “Day 86: don’t limit others with your own beliefs”

Day 64: A different ‘spin’ on things – literally!

More spin today but this time a different instructor. And this one had Metallica’s Enter Sandman in the playlist, so she is now instantly my favourite! I’ve never heard Metallica in a group fitness class before, so thank you Michelle!