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Why should I read the small print on my gym contract?

A review of the Commerce commission report into unfair clauses in gym contracts

Group Exercise: a great way to get started!

Arguably one of the first mainstream forms of the modern exercise movement was group exercise. Women who are in their senior years recall heading off to their local community hall for ‘keep fit’ and jazzergetics classes when they were in their twenties, and some… Continue Reading “Group Exercise: a great way to get started!”

Burning Rubber Bootcamp starts 7 April

New class: what exactly is Spin Circuits?

This is a new concept we invented to enable us to add more spin to the timetable: but in a slightly different way. We have listened to feedback and our clients tell us that spin classes are so popular (we have almost a three… Continue Reading “New class: what exactly is Spin Circuits?”

Spring Into Action With Outdoor Exercise

We’ve made it through winter, and while the spring weather hasn’t been playing nice, all the time we can be safe in the knowledge that summer is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate the sunshine, the warmth and the longer days… Continue Reading “Spring Into Action With Outdoor Exercise”

Giveaway time!

Today’s giveaway is celebrating the success of our BoxFit classes and the launch of our Tuesday class on 28 July.