Under 3’s active Explorers: final visit :(

Today was our last day with our under 3’s active explorers. It has been so awesome to work with them and watch them grow and learn so fast! Today we got our big tyre back out, the one they were too afraid to try on their first visit…

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Under 5’s fitness: Developmental change

With the help of Active Explorers daycare centre next door, we have been trialing fitness classes for the under 5’s. Our aim is to combat the national childhood obesity epidemic by simply making fitness both fun and completely normal, from an early age. Continue reading “Under 5’s fitness: Developmental change”

Why should I read the small print on my gym contract?

The commerce commission recently did an audit / review of gym contacts, finding that many had unfair unethical clauses and restrictions in them. Continue reading “Why should I read the small print on my gym contract?”

Group Exercise: a great way to get started!

13177826_1015408825208515_3927453649937271799_nArguably one of the first mainstream forms of the modern exercise movement was group exercise. Women who are in their senior years recall heading off to their local community hall for ‘keep fit’ and jazzergetics classes when they were in their twenties, and some of us remember heading off to aerobics classes, full of jumping and running in the eighties and early nineties.

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