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The best advertising: thanking our existing customers!

It’s a very popular questions every business asks itself: what’s the best method of advertising? Well we have decided that it’s simple: by investing in thanking the customers that we already have. It used to really frustrate me when I was a Sky TV… Continue Reading “The best advertising: thanking our existing customers!”

Giveaway Sunday

So here it is again. This week’s giveaway is simple: book an initial consultation online with me (free, we can use Skype, phone or I can meet you if you’re local, 30 mins total) and I will give you one hour personal training for… Continue Reading “Giveaway Sunday”

Day 66: giveaway coaching offer – first 10 only!

I saw this today and loved it. The words, the colours, it sums up what I aim to be each and every day. I choose to find a happy moment in each and every day. I choose to make decisions based on what I… Continue Reading “Day 66: giveaway coaching offer – first 10 only!”

Competition: win 8 hours of free coaching

Grab this fabulous opportunity to win up to 8 hours free coaching, by entering our quick and easy caption competition.