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Practise makes perfect?

Repetition at a new skill will make it an unconscious addition to your repertoire, eventually. You knew that? I need to keep reminding myself of that when I decided to switch to rowing and track cycling! Its easy to launch yourself at something with… Continue Reading “Practise makes perfect?”

Develop laser like focus, get results!

Focus gets results, heard that before? but what exactly does it mean? Source: Uploaded by user via Ryding2Health on Pinterest  

How to learn the impossible

Today’s daily prompt: ‘Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you’ When I started my Masters Degree in 2007 I had no idea ¬†how time consuming and all enveloping it would be. Education has never been easy for… Continue Reading “How to learn the impossible”

Gain the ‘Sportsman’s focus’ like Louis Smith

I was watching Strictly come dancing the other week. It was the semi finals. I haven’t watched it all that much this year to be honest, but I heard Louis Smith is doing really well. So I was shocked to see that he let… Continue Reading “Gain the ‘Sportsman’s focus’ like Louis Smith”