Could ten minute fitness classes be a thing?

As we know, HIIT (high intensity interval training) has been the buzz in our industry for a few years now. The benefits of intense bursts of activity interspersed with rest periods have been well documented. Naturally, exercise that is both fast and effective holds appeal to those for whom time is a precious commodity (i.e. most of us). Nevertheless, this type of class generally still takes place within a half-hour or so format. But could that be trimmed down to just a few minutes? The findings of a recent study suggest it could. Continue reading “Could ten minute fitness classes be a thing?”

Boxing for beginners: I survived!

BoxingAs part of my PT qualification I have to complete 20 hours of a variety of classes, to enable me to make in informed judgement when advising clients. Makes sense really. So this week I decided to try boxing. I have never in my life done anything like boxing, so had no idea what to expect. Continue reading “Boxing for beginners: I survived!”