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Since Johnny G introduced his concept of ‘Spinning’® to the fitness industry, indoor cycling has become one of most popular classes on group fitness timetables the world over. More and more participants of all age groups and fitness levels are enjoying the experience they… Continue Reading “20 MINUTE FAT LOSS: IS IT POSSIBLE?”

The final happiness chapter: body fat re-balancing

I feel like my blog has come a full circle lately. I started blogging in 2007 because I had decided to get fit, and wanted to create myself an online log of my progress. In fact, that was the birth of a following and… Continue Reading “The final happiness chapter: body fat re-balancing”

Settling the argument: fast or slow for fat burn?

Imagine this: you only have limited time today, what type of exercise session is best for fat loss?

How to lose fat with cardio

Cardio is the most popular way to lose fat. But is it the best? And should you do long duration cardio or HIIT? Empty stomach cardio or not? This article will teach you how to really lose fat with cardio

Is it possible to exercise too hard to burn fat?

Many people new to exercise, who have decided they need to lose body fat and revamp their diet think that the best way to gain amazing immediate results is to dash to the gym and work you butt off.  That may not actually be… Continue Reading “Is it possible to exercise too hard to burn fat?”