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I’ll just work it off tomorrow, it’ll be ok..

Sound familiar? Well have a look at this picture then. This person has just run 3.1miles, which is just over 5km. They did it at quite a decent pace: 9:15 minute miles which is just over 5 minute / km. that’s around 30 mins… Continue Reading “I’ll just work it off tomorrow, it’ll be ok..”

Freezing cold? Tabata indoor workout

Tabata is a brilliant way of getting a great fat burning workout into a busy schedule. Here’s a quickie you can try. It will only take you ten minutes! But, it will be a hard core ten minutes!

HIIT v long slow: why we now say different

So, in our usual busy life we are all pressed for time, so how on earth are we supposed to fit in our long slow fat burning exercise to stay slim and trim? Well, the thoughts are changing, and you may be able to… Continue Reading “HIIT v long slow: why we now say different”

Settling the argument: fast or slow for fat burn?

Imagine this: you only have limited time today, what type of exercise session is best for fat loss?