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Since Johnny G introduced his concept of ‘Spinning’® to the fitness industry, indoor cycling has become one of most popular classes on group fitness timetables the world over. More and more participants of all age groups and fitness levels are enjoying the experience they… Continue Reading “20 MINUTE FAT LOSS: IS IT POSSIBLE?”

The downfall of Dr Dukan

It was with interest that I read a recent article in the paper about Pierre Dukan, pioneer of the famous Dukan diet, that made him millions. In a recent French report, he has been labelled as deceitful and unethical.

The New 2 DAY DIET: any good?

The Daily mail have started producing ‘a new revolutionary 2 day diet plan’, as a series of three articles in this weeks paper. What’s it all about?

Are the New Year fad diets safe?

I was alarmed to see on the news today that equalities minister Jo Swanson was concerned about the dangerous imbalanced fad style diets that magazine are promoting in January: Crash diets to get rid of your Christmas fat. My concern is that this seems… Continue Reading “Are the New Year fad diets safe?”