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Exercise is great for the body and mind!

We know exercise is good for your body, but just as importantly, it’s good for your mental health with many studies showing that improving your physical health also improves your mental health. Little or no physical exercise can increase the risk of depression, and…

Is your desk job killing you?

That Desk Job Could be Killing You – What Can You Do? It turns out you were right. That desk job is killing you. But it’s not the water cooler gossip that is slowly sucking the life out of you, it’s that seat and…

Knowing when to rest

It’s way too easy to get so committed to something that you have tunnel vision to the important things in life. It can be the same with exercise. I set myself a goal to exercise every day,  if it is possible. This week has…

Settling the argument: fast or slow for fat burn?

Imagine this: you only have limited time today, what type of exercise session is best for fat loss?

Baby steps are better than no steps!

I was talking to a friend recently, and we were talking about how recent life pressures had prevented us from doing the exercise that we usually do. It got me thinking. How best to use time?

Make excuses? Join project get me back again!

I saw a photo yesterday that jolted me into reality. Now before you leap to conclusions, it’s only small changes I need to make but it’s still weight loss and regaining fitness nonetheless.