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Earth Day: Nasa release the videos!

Back in April, I took part in the NASA Earth Day global selfie event, which involved printing a sheet off the nasa site and taking a selfie of where you were on the earth that day. My¬†original blog shows the two photos that I… Continue Reading “Earth Day: Nasa release the videos!”

Earth day: my NASA #GlobalSelfie

As mentioned yesterday, I decided it would be cool to take part in this. I printed my piece of paper and set about thinking what local landmarks I could use to go and take my selfie. I also wanted my original British Heritage to… Continue Reading “Earth day: my NASA #GlobalSelfie”

Earth day #globalselfie: are YOU taking part?

I found out about this through a blog that I follow, sounds like a really cool idea, so have a read. I think I’ll join in. I will also post the photo on here too, plus tell you which social media site i linked… Continue Reading “Earth day #globalselfie: are YOU taking part?”