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Will E-readers ever replace books!?

How do you prefer to read, with an eReader like a Kindle or Nook, or with an old school paperback in hand? This week’s weekly writing challenge…

2012: Success! Onwards to 2013!

 In 2010 I wrote a blog detailing what my new years resolution was for that year. In 2010 I am not sure that I thought out a way of measuring the success of my goals, so I could say that I succeeded, but that would be opinion… Continue Reading “2012: Success! Onwards to 2013!”

New Years Goals to create a life changing 2013

Last year I wrote a blog showing you how you can set great goals that will work, and that you will achieve.  This years New Years resolutions blog is going to be different. How do you SIGNIFICANTLY change your 2013? Imagine that this was… Continue Reading “New Years Goals to create a life changing 2013”

One way to prevent thyroid failure

Initial smptoms I felt very tired, generally unwell, like, all the time. It was preventing me from training. I had a sore throat that lasted for weeks, and it was also affecting my voice. I became really concerned. Someone suggested thyroid, because I was… Continue Reading “One way to prevent thyroid failure”

The Early years: Small world, big dreams!

Today’s prompt: ‘Write page three of your autobiography.’ My autobiography wouldn’t actually start at day 1, it would start with the moment that changed my life path in the biggest way, and that is the day I went into Dorothy Perkins to buy new… Continue Reading “The Early years: Small world, big dreams!”

Faith helps dreams come true

Faith, the topic of today’s daily post, means something entirely different to me than the regular meaning of the word and is key to everything that I have achieved so far. Normally, one would associate faith with the church. That was not the first… Continue Reading “Faith helps dreams come true”