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How many Kilojoules is your coffee run costing you?

New Zealand has an entrenched coffee culture. We are spoilt for choice, with boutique cafes springing up on every corner, and with many of us working long hours and leading busy lives, a morning coffee has become a much needed boost for many.

Mediterranean diet linked to healthier pregnancy

New research from the University of Queensland has discovered a critical link between a Mediterranean-style diet and a lower risk of hypertensive disorders during pregnancy. The research found that the combination of foods in a Mediterranean diet can considerably reduce the risk of developing… Continue Reading “Mediterranean diet linked to healthier pregnancy”

Day 90: ‘diet’ or way of life?

I was having a conversation with a client this morning – casual chat – when this topic came up, and she pointed out something vitally important for everyone who is on a weight loss drive.

Are you eating yourself to death?

I am always horrified about how much sugar is hidden in food, how many ‘healthy options’ are not actually healthy, and how people are so easily brainwashed.

Crook, and not the shepherd type

I’ve been rather ill recently. I don’t do ill. This means I have done ill, all wrong, and paid the price. An important thing about illness is it slowed you down. On purpose. Oops.

Children’s diet still too high in salt

Children in the UK are eating far too much salt, with much of it coming from breads and cereals, research suggests.