Low-Carbohydrate VS Low-Fat Diets For Type 2 Diabetes

ACWM Low Carb
Photo Credit: Global Weight Management Federation

Two of the biggest health issues facing society today are overweight/obesity and type 2 diabetes. Despite therapeutic advances, prevalence of both conditions continue to soar. This suggests more effective treatment strategies are required to reverse the trend. Continue reading “Low-Carbohydrate VS Low-Fat Diets For Type 2 Diabetes”

The power of Potassium!

Image result for power of potassium in foodDo you know the amazing role that potassium plays in your body? Potassium is a mineral that helps keep your blood pressure in a healthy range. It can also contribute to  the prevention of heart disease and stroke. An electrolyte is a substance that produces an electrically conducting solution when dissolved in water. Continue reading “The power of Potassium!”

I’ll just work it off tomorrow, it’ll be ok..

img_6609Sound familiar?

Well have a look at this picture then. This person has just run 3.1miles, which is just over 5km. They did it at quite a decent pace: 9:15 minute miles which is just over 5 minute / km. that’s around 30 mins of hard running.

Consider this for a moment. Continue reading “I’ll just work it off tomorrow, it’ll be ok..”

How many Kilojoules is your coffee run costing you?

Photo Credit: Australian Fitness Council

New Zealand has an entrenched coffee culture. We are spoilt for choice, with boutique cafes springing up on every corner, and with many of us working long hours and leading busy lives, a morning coffee has become a much needed boost for many. Continue reading “How many Kilojoules is your coffee run costing you?”

Mediterranean diet linked to healthier pregnancy

New research from the University of Queensland has discovered a critical link between a Mediterranean-style diet and a lower risk of hypertensive disorders during pregnancy. The research found that the combination of foods in a Mediterranean diet can considerably reduce the risk of developing gestational hypertension and preeclampsia. Continue reading “Mediterranean diet linked to healthier pregnancy”