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#31 Why do I sweat more when I am over 40?

This week’s question was asked by a female client of ours: keep the awesome questions coming!

Type 2 Diabetes – Reducing and Managing Your risk

A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, or pre-diabetes can be tough. There is much to learn, and management can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Type 2 diabetes is a leading health issue for many New Zealanders, with the latest… Continue Reading “Type 2 Diabetes – Reducing and Managing Your risk”

The real cost of inactivity

With bills to pay and a range of costs increasing, it’s not unexpected that we have to look at what we spend and limit where we spend it. When the budget comes under scrutiny it is often our recreation and exercise costs or memberships… Continue Reading “The real cost of inactivity”

Nigel Latta: is sugar the new fat?

I decided to divert today, in light of the Nigel Latta programme that was on TV last night: ‘Is sugar the new fat?’. Sugar is something I have written about lots of times before.