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What’s The Secret to a Long and Healthy Life?

It’s exercise! When we think of the benefits of exercise a few common ones always spring to mind; fat loss, increased energy, and strength and muscle gains. But the benefits of regular exercise and physical activity reach much further than this, with life changing benefits extending… Continue Reading “What’s The Secret to a Long and Healthy Life?”

Life is fragile: life is short. CHERISH IT

I found out today that a client of mine had died. Well, I actually found out yesterday but held the publication of this post for a day out of respect. Shocked. Stunned. Speechless. Saddened.

How to stop feeling down and out

This is an article written by Heidi De Santo in the July edition of OH! Magazine: some tips to help create a more positive mind set from a therapist’s point of view. Accompanying it is this quote, one of my favourites.