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Daily Sanity Diaries #10

Coming up to a week in lock down, how are you coping? Today I have an important message… it affects your future.. plus a job offer.. YES … a job offer!

Daily Sanity Diaries #6

How to plan your first week of lock down!

Daily Sanity Diaries #5

A video diary of my last full day before complete lock down!

Daily Sanity Diaries #4

Today: I talk about how to find a routine in your new normal.

Daily Sanity diaries #3

Stop panicking people, for goodness sake!

Daily Sanity Diaries #2 What is it like in lock down?

What is it like in Lock down? Today is a special edition, where I bring in my dad (😀) who lives in France and is in complete lock down. What is life like in lock down? Why should we pay attention to Jacinda Ardern… Continue Reading “Daily Sanity Diaries #2 What is it like in lock down?”