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Tisbury TT: my 1st race as a Kiwi!

As my first race as a Kiwi, first ‘race’ post Knee op, and first time on a start line in over ten months, there are several justified reasons for me feeling a little it nervous today.

The triple brick magic

At first it sounded mad but you will be surprised at how much speed you gain when you train with multiple brick sessions.

Training tips for cycling speed

I found this great little article in the Guardian, a selection of training sessions selected by too coaches and athletes. here is Tim Don’s cycling session suggestion. Session name: “Medium, Moderate, Mad”

Back to the long brick bike rides!

Brick Ride I had a 2.5 hour brick down for today, and to be honest I was not feeling the love, the forecast was rain showers all day. Also, in the UK I haven’t ridden outside on a bike for two hours since before…

How to WIN according to GB cycling’s performance director

‘We look at how can you get the person to be the best that they can be, then apply the sport to it’   This is so right.  Your mind is an amazing thing. Some people call it your subconscious, I prefer unconscious.

Changing training, changing body shape

Lately I have been feeling a bit like this. I am not suggesting I think I am as fast as these guys, But I do feel like I have a huge wide fat @ss and enormous shoulders!