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Ryding retires from triathlon

Yep. What a headline eh. This year has certainly pulled some punches, and continues to do so. Let me summarise.

Running, biking and sunshiny evenings

I am beginning to feel a bit more in control. It’s taken me a long time, and the recent knock on the head setback isn’t too much fun, but I am looking forwards and recording the small steps back on the path to where…

3 firsts in one day, and not all good ones!

Today I managed three firsts. I entered and took part in a cycling road race I got a puncture during a race for the first time ever l recorded a DNF for the first time ever!

Improve your cycling speed!

I found this great article in Cycling Buddy on this very thing. Most important? Strength = speed so get to the gym!!

On the edge: training keeps me sane!

Its safe to say I have had a pretty rough year. It is also safe to say I almost gave up sport at the same time. It is also worth pointing out that my Mum (R.I.P) and my husband have both recently reminded me…

Tributes for cyclist killed in freak crash

Another sad sad story of a cyclist killed. This time, a freak accident that reminds us all too precious life is. Don’t waste a single second.