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Mountain-biking the trails: like running but not!

Today OH decided to go for a run along the banks of the Waihopai – a gravel path that takes you right out to the estuary. It’s a lovely trail, specially in the summer. I miss running sometimes, in that regard. So, today I…

Long bike Sunday: sunshine and wind wind wind!

I was actually expecting today to be a rowing day, but it didn’t turn out like that, rowing was off. So, I decided to go for the long bike ride instead. I have been adding time on gradually,  so all was under control, or…

Long bike Saturday!

I have taken some persuading these last few weeks to get out and do this long ride, but OH wasn’t letting the drissle get past as an excuse and told me to get out there!!

As near to a duathon as I’ll ever get!

It was a beautiful day today, so it would have been rude to not go for a ride. having spent the morning doing family stuff, time was limited, and we planned to go tramping after I got back. 

If all else fails – TURBO!

Yep, this was THIRD choice on what was a day I almost gave up on!  I decided top continue on my ‘if it aint raining it aint training’ theme and not let the rain put me off going to rowing this morning. 

Long ride Sunday: the secret Hideaway discovery!

Wall to wall sunshine and 20+ degrees, it was the perfect weather for a long Sunday ride.