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Long ride: regaining the mojo

I have been working hard to regain my mojo and get my fitness back these last few weeks. Although I didn’t get my ride to Riverton in, as I had planned, today started with wall to wall blue skies, so I decided to grab…

Turbo trainer: fat burning benefits

Turbo sessions are always valuable, as they allow us to focus on technique and controlled effort without worrying about traffic and other external distractions. Here’s a session that has a 45-80 min fat burning focus.

Strong bike core: training tips

Want to keep your upper-body steady when going hard on the bike, to ensure maximum power and efficiency? There are some great tips here from Tri220. You won’t keep your upper body absolutely motionless throughout the bike leg of a tri, but you need…

Controlling leg speed: turbo sprints

Recovery was needed this morning, from a hard long week. So, I decided on a mid morning turbo rather than an early morning row.

Using the day wisely

I usually wake at 5am. I train at 7pm. Why’s that, I asked myself today. I waste a couple of hours each morning (apart from the days I swim) and resent training taking up the evening.

Track crash Tuesday!

Not exactly how I expected to spend a Tuesday. It was my first time back to the track in quite a while. I was intending to just mooch around at my own speed, ease back in slowly. I pumped the tyres up (116psi) cleaned…