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Day 12: rest and prep

A funny old day. I slept through 13 hours, till 10am, most unusual so I must have needed it. I had decided today was not going to be a training day. If all goes well and the ruby isn’t postponed, I am doing a…

Sunny training: making the most of my outdoors

Wide open roads, blue sky, warm sun, what’s not to like about that! So I made time in my afternoon off for some exercise too. Well, it wasn’t time off, I was actually catching up on coursework. So I’ve nearly finished my PT course…

Chasing my own ass: road ride motivation

I decided to sqash a ride in after my day long first aid course today. It seemed rude not to, it  had been sun shining all day while I had been inside with rescussie-Annie!

A new slant on Turbo training: leg speed

With inclement windy old spring down here (and I mean WINDY!) and dark nights rolling in up there in the Northern hemisphere, we both have a reason to use the turbo. But how about a slightly different attack? I gained this one from trying…

Tour of Southland Stage 7: final stage

It was the final stage of the tour of southland today, we decided to watch, since we haven’t managed to see any of the other stages since the prologue. 

Lochiel Long ride

I decided to go for a long ride today. The sun wasn’t exactly shining wall to wall, but enough to know I wouldn’t get wet (or blown away!) I decided to take the GoPro again and try to get a better camera angle.