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Day 68: Cycling and Surf to City

It was a beautiful day for this popular community event based in the city’s central Queens Park. Hubby was running it, starting at the beach and finishing in the park: a sunny 12km. With an event for everyone, it was a real community¬†affair, from…

Day 40: the new mountain bike

We bought these a few weeks ago but only got them out for the first time today. Long overdue, a mountain bike that actually works, and costs more than $70! 

Day 37: beautiful bike ride!

Today started off rough as, then brightened up in the afternoon, meaning that I could head out for a ride. All was going well too, till I made turn 3!

Day 23: the hazards of coaching!

You know you must be doing something right as a coach when…. …you go out for a wee ‘easy’ ride with your client just as a bit of fun and he leaves you for dust.. before he even starts trying!

Day 14: Team M&M

Today was race day for us, team M&M, so again, nutrition up the schute for the day. It’s been quite some time since I did any part of a triathlon so I was expecting it to be hard work!

‘Race day’ race report: Team M&M do Sovereign Triathlon Wanaka

Today was meant to be the alternative day for the Big Ruby swim. Sadly it was also cancelled. Why is this sad, I’m not doing it after all? Because I knew that meant that it was windy down at the lake for the triathlon…