Does spin really help with cycling fitness?

img_3409One of the questions I often get asked is whether spin classes really do help with your cycling or not. Of course, is always my answer: let me illustrate a point.

I haven’t been out on the roads for a ride for a long time: I seem to spend more of my life on a spin bike, which isn’t ideal. Continue reading “Does spin really help with cycling fitness?”

Day 87: Pay attention – small steps, big steps, they’re all steps!

IMG_2987Today was a lovely day, a warm and sunny autumn day, it seemed rude not to go for a ride. I took the P2 out, as the road bike is now set up form hubby. It’s been a while since I regularly rode it and to be honest I forgot how comfortable it was. I also was surprised how good my stats were too!Ā  Continue reading “Day 87: Pay attention – small steps, big steps, they’re all steps!”

Day 73: Autumn sunshine

IMG_2171Autumn is a bit unusual here at times. You can go from flipping freezing mornings to 22 degree T shirt weather by tea time. Makes deciding what to wear for work a little tricky at times! I can see why kiwis swear by layers rather than chunky winter jumpers!

That said, I actually got a bike ride in today, and because hubby came too, the P2 was us clipped from the turbo and got to go outside! Continue reading “Day 73: Autumn sunshine”