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Online coaching; an affordable 1:1 personal trainer in your own home! 

Would you love to have 1:1 personal training but simply can’t afford the time or cost? Well we have the answer for you! And this doesn’t matter where in the world you are either! 

Exercise Association Roadshow, Dunedin: open minded learning

I did like this particular slide from one of the three speakers I listened to today. It beautifully illustrated the realistic path to our goals which many trainers forget about. I was quite surprised on a number of fronts.

Day 95: motivating them, and me!

It’s right – what they say about exercise: it’s a positive mind tonic. I started my day today in the best two ways possible: taking a group fitness class, motivating others to excell, followed by a turbo, motivating myself to go a step further.… Continue Reading “Day 95: motivating them, and me!”

Day 53: boxerfit instructor training

A random series of circumstances led to me being offered a place on this course today, which happened while I was in Dunedin buying a new mountain bike! Anyhow, some more stuff learned so more strings to the personal training bow 🙂

Day 23: the hazards of coaching!

You know you must be doing something right as a coach when…. …you go out for a wee ‘easy’ ride with your client just as a bit of fun and he leaves you for dust.. before he even starts trying!

A funny thing happened on the way to the swimming pool..

Well, it wasn’t on the way, it was while I was in there, but the title sounded better! I went to the pool for a swim, a client came too, but didn’t have a session booked with me, he was doing his own thing… Continue Reading “A funny thing happened on the way to the swimming pool..”