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The science of sleep: do we need more as we age?

I was wondering. Why is it that I seem to be more tired than I used to be ten years ago yet I’m doing less? I seem to need to go to sleep earlier, cannot seem to fit as much into my day, is… Continue Reading “The science of sleep: do we need more as we age?”

Project ‘beat jet lag’ – 1 week to go!

It seems a little hard to believe that 1 week from now, it will be 8:41 am on Thursday and I will already have raced in the Aquathlon world championships in New Zealand, with only 3 days to go till the big one –… Continue Reading “Project ‘beat jet lag’ – 1 week to go!”

Personal Experiences of working against the Circadian Rhythm

The last blog in this series threw up three main ways we can influence our circadian rhythm – Melatonin supplements, light therapy and exercise. So I decided to try and look into what personal experiences people had with relation to using these three possible… Continue Reading “Personal Experiences of working against the Circadian Rhythm”

Can we influence our circadian rhythm?

First, in order to answer this question, we must establish what is thought to be: The main factors

How does our circadian rhythm affect athletic performance?

Mark Taylor (@coolerking198 on twitter) recently asked me to research the affect circadian rhythms have on athletic performance. What on earth is that I thought!? So he sent me a piece of research to start me off.