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Have a Merry ‘Fit’mass!

In our world, Christmas is on 25 December. But if you live in Armenia apparently it’s on 6 January, or in Ethiopia, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, the birth of Christ is celebrated on 7 January. The most important thing is that wherever in the world… Continue Reading “Have a Merry ‘Fit’mass!”

Gut busting Boxing Day: making wise decisions

It’s all to easy to get wrapped into the Christmas festivities and end up a few kilos heavier before you go back to work. But whatever happened to our ability to make educated choices? All logic seems to go out the window at Christmas… Continue Reading “Gut busting Boxing Day: making wise decisions”

Christmas time is for making happy memories

Christmas time can be a sad time for some, as we remember those that are gone, those that cannot be with us. It’s a time when we want to be close to family and friends, those we love. Sometimes this is not always possible.

Summer Christmas is all wrong!

I have been struggling to get seasonal at all since moving to the Southern Hemisphere. I find it all a wee bit odd to be honest, on many levels.

Christmas thoughts

My Christmas Day post will incorporate a little of the queens speech plus thoughts and reflections.