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Day 48: Challenge Wanaka Race Day!

Our finish photo, although it wasn’t a day without dramas, just continue the team MARBEL dramas! 

Day 47: the day before race day

So, here we all are, in our team shirts and ready to go! Team MARBEL is made up of Mark: runner (centre), Ben: cyclist (right) and Mel: swimmer (left) swimmer – aka Me! We actually set off in reverse order to that, but that… Continue Reading “Day 47: the day before race day”

Day 46: Challenge Wanaka race build up

Two major things to report today, the weight update and  the start of the Challenge Wanaka road trip in preparation for the big day on Sunday.

Day 42: last sea swim pre Wanaka

Today was likely to be the last time pre Challenge Wanaka that I would get a chance to sea swim, so when I was tossing up between a row or a swim, after work today, it had to be a swim! Beautiful warm still afternoon… Continue Reading “Day 42: last sea swim pre Wanaka”

I get to do an ‘Ironman’!

How exciting! I have been dying to reveal this news, we finally entered this week. I say ‘we’ because team MARBEL is doing Challenge Wanaka! What on earth am I on about? Well let me explain.