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Easy Cat cardio 17/4/20

Melanie Brings you another easy cardio class, this time complete with Kiwi the cat (🤣). You don’t actually need a cat to take part but – ah go on.. it makes it more fun! (Or a dog… or rabbit.. or whatever pet you can… Continue Reading “Easy Cat cardio 17/4/20”

Easy Cardio Wenesday 15/4/20

Today Melanie brings you an easy cardio class for all fitness levels. You just need a chair, a bit of space and ten mins. She will go through all the exercises first and explain how to make each exercise easier and harder if necessary.

#17 Why do we get red faced when we exercise?

 This is a very valid question, asked to us recently by one of our clients. Why are some people more prone than others and more importantly is there anything you can do about it?