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Your breakfast cereal is better for you than you think

The latest research suggests that our daily bowl of brekkie cereal may in fact be key to helping us live longer, healthier lives. Two of the key benefits of breakfast cereal are fibre and whole grains, both of which may contribute to longer lives… Continue Reading “Your breakfast cereal is better for you than you think”

Recipe: Crunchy baked porridge 

I was sitting watching TV this evening and Gordon Ramsay came on. Many of his recipes actually weren’t that low in fat, but I liked this one so I’m going to adapt it a bit, to suit. ­čÖé I’ll try it next week and… Continue Reading “Recipe: Crunchy baked porridge┬á“

Low fat breakfast: scrambled egg burrito recipe

This is such a neat and simple idea for a breakfast variation that doesnt harm the waist line.