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Book review: Behind Palace Walls by Cay Garcia

This was a book that came into the local e-library a while ago: I had to put myself on a waiting list to be able to get hold of it. Now I can see why, I read it cover to cover in just 6… Continue Reading “Book review: Behind Palace Walls by Cay Garcia”

Book review: Louisiana Longshot by Jana Deleon

I got this book free on my iPad, I think it’s because it’s a new series, and they hope to hook you in to buy more. I was not sure what to expect, I haven’t ever read anything by is author. It’s a mystery… Continue Reading “Book review: Louisiana Longshot by Jana Deleon”

Book review: Lisa Tamati – Running to Extremes

This is a wonderful book, full of heart felt stories, race reports, and tons of practical to for all types of athletes, so there’s definitely something you will take away with you when you read this book. Lisa mixes practical advice and tips from… Continue Reading “Book review: Lisa Tamati – Running to Extremes”

Finding inspiration: Rich Roll

I’m currently reading a book a client suggested to me: Rich Roll – finding Ultra. It’s obvious immediately to me why he finds it inspirational, but there’s little gems embedded right through this book that create powerful thought provoking questions in your mind. Thanks… Continue Reading “Finding inspiration: Rich Roll”

Book review: the Oarsome adventures of a fat boy rower by Kevin Biggar

Before I review I need to tell you how I came upon this book. I went to the annual Rotary book sale, popular here due to the high price of books in the shops. I like factual books, biography, adventure, that sort of thing.… Continue Reading “Book review: the Oarsome adventures of a fat boy rower by Kevin Biggar”

Book review: High Altitude by Mike Allsop

I picked this book up at the annual Rotary club book sale which takes place in the theatre. It’s a massively popular sale because books are really costly here in New Zealand. This book is a read cover to cover book that you will… Continue Reading “Book review: High Altitude by Mike Allsop”